Anonymous Anti-Exploit

AAE is a next-generation ROBLOX anti-cheat system. It is a revolutionary and platform-leading product in games' security. It's being constantly updated, cannot be bypassed, and tons of other features that are ready to protect your game against exploiters.

How to get AAE

Anonymous Anti-Exploit is an advanced system. Therefore, we have a licensing protocol for everyone. In order to get access to the anti-cheat, it's not enough to own the license. You must join our Discord server to get whitelisted.

For any type of support inquiries, please join our Discord server. You will find any type of AAE-related help there.



First things first! Choose a license type and purchase one - you can choose between buying a ROBLOX gamepass (with ROBUX), or making a one-time donation with a real-life currency.

Get whitelisted

Once you own the gamepass on ROBLOX (or made the donation), you will have to join our Discord server and open a support ticket to confirm your purchase. Once your payment is confirmed, you'll get whitelisted in just a second!


Whitelisted? Great! Now there's nothing left but insert the Anonymous Anti-Exploit model into your game and make a basic set-up.
Basic License


(or $10.00)

  • Physics detection
  • Anti Fly
  • Anti CFly
  • Anti Speed
  • Anti JumpPower
  • Anti Vehicle Flyd
  • Anti PlatformStand
  • Anti Noclip
  • Anti Reach & HBE
  • Anti Fling
  • Anti Bring, Teleport
  • Anti Kill
  • Anti Big Head
  • Player Property Lock
  • Anti Animation Exploits
  • Anti FCD And TI
  • Anti God
  • GetService
  • More...
Advanced License


(or $29.90)

  • Everything in Basic +
  • Anti Saveinstance/Asset Theft
  • Anti Dex Explorer
  • Anti CMD X
  • Anti Remote Spy
  • Anti Homebrew Admin
  • Anti Chat Bypasser
  • Complex Anti Alt
  • Anti Infinite Yield (if unprotected)
  • More...

Make sure you read and agree with our License Agreement. Before proceeding with any payment, know that payments made with cash require data collection. Read more on our Privacy Policy page.

Physics detections are 100% server-sided

Up-to-date with the latest methods


Use in unlimited games