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We provide immediate counter-exploiting solutions for developers whose games are under attack.

Frequently asked questions

  • Constant exploiting attacks
    When exploiters keep joining your game and disadvantages other players (e.g. teleport, fly, etc.).
  • Server lag
    Your game servers are getting extremely laggy and make the game unplayable? Exploiters use methods to crash your servers.
  • Raiders
    Raiders are group of exploiters who don't just fly around, but also kill other players or mass-spam.
  • Spammers
    Users who join and flood/spam the chat. They sometimes advertise websites or other groups.
  • Unwanted events
    Unwanted events like map unanchoring, server crashing, etc. can be caused by exploiters.

How do we help?

If you're in an emergency, we have expert anti-cheat engineers ready to help you. We often require developer access for that, so we can check the game scripts for unwanted backdoors and have access to the developer console. Depending on the emergency, we can provide free moderation for your game while we're investigating your attack issues. Know that getting an Anonymous Systems into your game is a paid service and prices are not fixed.

Anonymous Anti-Exploit

Try adding out top-level anti-cheat system in your game and notice the difference. We are confident that our advanced detections can reduce attacks by at least 70%.

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